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Politics and philosophy of the company

Palmer 1956 management, in its will to guarantee high quality products and services and aware of the importance they have in the activities carried out, has established its own quality, environmental and occupational safety and health policies.

Palmer 1956’s quality, environmental and prevention policies lead us toward a new and continuous improvement of the services we provide, a more appropriate management of health and safety at work and a more environmentally respectful development.

The business management ensures conformance of our act with this policy by establishing, implementing and leading a management protocol based on the commitment to meet the client requirements, as well as the pertaining legal matters where applicable in view of our activity, performance of our duties, environmental aspects generated and risks of health and safety at work of our organization, so that our action may in no case disobey the requisites and specifications previously established.

We fulfill our duties within a surrounding of integrated management to ensure the continuous betterment of all our actions and the relationships with our interested parties through establishing and periodically reviewing our objectives and quality goals, our environmental management and health and safety at work, with a strong commitment to prevent pollution and damage and deterioration of health of our workers.

We promote the understanding and dissemination of our policy within the organization through training and continuous communication with our colleagues and with every company that works with Palmer 1956, LLC.

We work specifically on minimizing the environmental impact of our installations and projects especially regarding the proper management of the waste produced and the reduction of consumption.

We work to let people know about our policy and our corporate values.


Reconciliation of sustainability and business.

The road map and our growth have always evolved with the intention of leading our work, experience, expertise and effort to business models that are fully sustainable and environmentally friendly. Majorca is one of our greatest assets and all the environmental policy of the company is focused on its care and conservation. In 2009, in response to corporate social responsibility and in compliance with environmental regulations, Palmer 1956 integrated environmental management to our quality system.

The current economic situation invites us to accomplish that goal, and we strongly believe this challenge will make us more competitive and winners in the medium-long term.


Palmer 1956, recurrent training

Among the new management plans introduced, and because of our fixation in the concept of continuous business improvements and corporate and individual work of motivation, we have bet on a recurrent training methodology so that every single member of our team is provided with complete training in the sectors where they have to fulfill their duties, thus being able to advise our clients correctly and offer them comprehensive solutions. We see expansion of knowledge and experiences as factors that are fundamental for innovation and anticipation of our client needs, and therefore an action that can ensure both the future and the development of the company.