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Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

  • Category: Magic Mirror
  • Added By: Palmer 1956
  • Date Added: November, 2014

AD NOTAM, The Mirror Image®

Design has always been one of our priorities and, when it comes to TV, the best design is the one you can’t see...! Magic Mirror® has revolutionized the traditional concept of TV. It uses mirror technology (when TV is off, you can only see a mirror; when turned on, it becomes a high-definition TV), it is extremely thin and can be installed anywhere. Our aim is for LCD TV to be integrated into your space just as you need it to. With our Magic Mirror, interior design is what comes first and TV technology becomes invisible, without cables or devices that take up space and subtract harmony.

  • The kitchen is a good place for MIRROR IMAGE®. Hidden behind the sink or integrated in the counter, it will always be protected. MIRROR IMAGE® transforms your kitchen without changing the design. Your imagination is the only limit.
  • We introduce a new dimension in your living room. Now you can watch TV in a very different way. With Palmer 1956, the TV in your living room will be completely invisible when turned off. Now you have the chance to fully integrate the TV into the design of your living room. MIRROR IMAGE® can be flush with the wall, hanging like a picture, on a base or incorporated into the furniture.
  • With MIRROR IMAGE®, we redefine the concept of bathroom, the TV is protected against moisture and is approved for use in bathrooms. Installed behind the mirror, it fits in perfectly with the design of any bathroom.